Reasons I Love My Kids #3

  • I love that Grayson is such a helper & actually thinks it is fun to help throw away diapers, retrieve wipes, & feed the dogs. 
  • I love how Griffin is totally content just to hang out with us. He needs no real entertainment; he just wants to be near. 
  • I love that when Griffin starts crying, Grayson notices and immediately tells us. He loves going in after nap time to check Griffin's crib & say, "hey baby Griffin!" So sweet.
  • I love that Grayson only needs a yard full of grass, leaves, & mulch to be entertained.
  • I love that Griffin is a mama's boy. 
  • I love how Grayson talks SO MUCH right now but has some language confusion. It cracks me. "Me did it!" "Me do it!" 
  • I love G's sweet & kind heart. He's not an aggressive boy and always gets concerned for his friends when they are crying.
  • I love how Griffin stops eating once in a while just to smile at me. 
  • I love how Grayson can just about always make Griffin laugh in the bath tub by tickling his feet.
  • I love how Grayson loves to jump & always lands on both feet. 
  • I love how G randomly approaches Griffin & gives him hugs and kisses. Makes me so happy.  
  • I love how Griffin adores his big brother. adores. He gets so excited when we go in Grayson's room every morning. He giggles & squeals and it's awesome. 
  • I love how Grayson is such an observer. He tells me every detail of his day after school & that child notices everything.


Katie said...

Aw, I love this post! I will definitely have to do this so I don't forget the little things :) Especially when words start forming! Kids are so funny.

Ashleigh said...

I love & adore this post! Its so very sweet.. I just love G & Griff :)

Jenna said...

Love it! The love between the kiddos is the BEST!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I love this! It is so so sweet to see the special relationships the little ones have with each other!