Because Everyone Loves the Outtakes

Taking pictures of both of our boys together is becoming increasingly difficult as Griffin gets older. I mean, that child is crazy. He never stops moving. Ever.  Grayson? Well, he always sticks his arm up in the air like a pirate and screams, "CHEEEEEEEEESE!" It's no surprise that I ended up taking approximately 86 pictures for their Easter card this year. EIGHTY SIX. Y'all, that's insane. Here is what I am having to work with:

It's a shame that these 2 have zero personality.


Royal @ Royal Proclaims said...

Ha, too cute! We had photos taken yesterday and my son basically just ran away the entire time. She was snapping photos from 50ft away so that he wouldn't see her. It was crazy.

Royal @ Royalproclaims.blogspot.com

Stephanie said...

LOVE the outtakes!
I have some of C's saved because they are hilarious and too precious not to keep. My favorites are his monthly update photos. He always falls over so I get at least one of him laying, smooshed in the rocker.

Lynsey said...

Love the outtakes! It is nearly impossible for me to get pictures of my 2 together. Mainly because Mason runs from the camera saying "No pics mommy".