an Easter recap

I spent all week having a pity party about Easter because this was the first year that Ben got unlucky and had to work Easter morning.  I was dreading getting both boys ready & making sure we got to church early.  Then it dawned on me that this weekend wasn't about me. Less of me, more of Him. That was the attitude that I needed. 

Our Easter Sunday was rainy, and we missed Ben, but it was nice! I've just come to realize that taking pictures of two busy boys is impossible. I may have had to bribe Grayson with a starburst at 8:30am to get these pictures.

I was so glad that Griffin could wear this because it never fit Grayson once it was warm. I need y'all to know that is a size 3 MONTH. Ha! Yes, it runs big, but Griff is such a peanut! I thought my boys looked so handsome! 

After a classy Easter lunch of McDonald's, the boys took naps & waited for the "Easter Monies." We waited to do the baskets until after Ben got home & I think I liked it that way. 
 Griffin was the most thrilled about the empty eggs I put in his basket. Of course!
All this boy needs is pez to be happy!
I'll leave you with this awesome picture of G "hugging" his brother. Ha! 

It was a happy Easter, indeed!


Jenna said...

Ha! That last picture is awesome :)

Katie said...

They look so cute!! Such southern gentlemen :)

The last picture is definitely the best! Haha

Stephanie said...

How cute our those boys!!! I hope you had a great Easter, even without Ben, boo boo!!