letting go

I have become a control freak. I'm not sure how this happened. Pre-G days I was a discombobulated mess. (piles of laundry, crap all over our bar area, frazzled) Post-G days I feel like I need to be superwoman and get everything done without giving myself a break. I mean, I even ordered a Life Planner...you know, so I could plan my life. {that Life Planner by the way? is AMAZING. love it.}

Some days I like that I have become more organized & feel that desire to make sure my family has a clean house to live in. Other days, this new Type A-control freak-personality stresses me out. I have the hardest time asking for help. I hate to feel like I am inconveniencing someone. My solution? Do everything myself. This wouldn't be a problem if I could be in 5 places at once and/or I had 6 arms. 

I have been really convicted of this lately. I get myself so stressed out & my poor husband ends up in the line of fire. God is really teaching me to let go. Letting go of the things that cause me stress in my life. Learning to just roll with the punches. 

It's okay if Grayson's birthday party isn't Pinterest Perfect. 

It's okay if I go to bed one night without sweeping the kitchen. 

It's okay if I spend some couch time with Ben instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off making tissue poms. and hey, guess what? That birthday wreath I almost cried over last night? People will only see it for 5 seconds when they walk in.

It's okay if I didn't get around to making the bed this morning. {eep. this one is hard for me to let go of}

I'm learning that I am only one person. One person who also has a very small person to look after all day. I can't be superwoman and I can't do it all. But guess what? That's okay. 

My goal for this weekend is to just enjoy everything. Worry less about the party & more about why we are celebrating.
..just in case there is any confusion, here is who we are celebrating. happy, happy boy!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I can get the same way and I don't even have a house + kids yet. Yikes! The way I've dealt with it is break things up in small chunks, get the most you can done in that time but then move on to the next to-do. Have a certain time at night that you - STOP. Unplug. Relax. Everything can wait until tomorrow. Love you! Also, please post some pics of this life planner and sell me on it..I love me a good life planner

Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

Um, you and I are the same person! LOL I have to tell myself these things on a daily basis. :) It's hard and I am working on letting go and not sweating the small stuff as well!

The Anderson Family said...

Love this post! I will be reading it again when I am in panic mode a month from today at Reed's birthday. It will all come together in the end and no one will notice things you didn't get done (unless you tell them). It will be great! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys!

Mallorie said...

You have NO IDEA how much I relate to this post right now!!! SERIOUSLY! While I LOVEEE Pinterest/home design blogs, sometimes I just feel depressed after reading them! HA! I'm in the middle of trying to organize all of our stuff into our new house/decorate our new house/AND prepare for baby.....some days I just want to cry...oh wait, that was last night! No joke, I BALLED last night and not over anything in particular! But how silly is it that the main thing bothering me right now is that my house isn't decorated like I wish it was. So. Silly. I have much bigger things to worry about.

Just know you are NOT alone in this! And don't you love when husbands are SO clueless about the cleaning/decorating/organizing :-) Mine always says, "Honey...everything looks great!" And then I get even more upset because it does NOT usually! HA! Sorry that was a long comment!

Allison said...

I don't think I ever told you, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to G! Seriously, this year has gone by super fast! Hope yall have a great party! And don't worry about things being perfect - heck, I don't even try to make stuff for parties, so you definitely have that on me! I wish I was that type, but sadly, I'm just not. Anyway, Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree with this post! We can't do it all but hey who can? I am sure G's party this weekend will be great!

Lindsey said...

I totally understand where you coming from. We just have to learn to let go. I am new follower! Oh and by the way, I love your son's name! My son is named Grayson also.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I completely understand where you are coming from! It is hard to stay organized and complete every single task when taking care of a small infant... Its ok to let some things go and relax and chill after crazy hours of non stop things.... Remember you are only one person and its ok to ask for help I learned that a long time ago...

Piril Maria said...

Let go of all that stuff dear. Just enjoy life. =) You have two big reasons to do that.


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