Grayson and the Red Balloon

Sounds like a book title, doesn't it? Grayson found a new love while we were in Oxford over Labor Day weekend: balloons. My bestie, his aunt Whit, brought him a balloon from the store. Grayson was obsessed. He carried that red balloon all over the house, tried to share it with her massive horse dog goldendoodle, and was really excited when I tied it around his wrist. I took about 100 pictures of G with his balloon (not even kidding). I had to share a few because I am a proud mama and he is so dang cute. 


jeannie said...

great way to pass a rainy day!

Mallorie said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE! How cute would they be in black and white with just the balloon red?! :-)

Shelli said...

He is so adorable!!! :)