So What! Wednesday

Today is my favorite day. Hump day. Grocery day (I'm weird). and....(drumroll, please) SO WHAT!  WEDNESDAY! This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I am a little too excited that one of my fave bloggers (cough *SHANNON* cough) switched back over to Blogger & now I can figure out how to follow her! Sorry WordPress people, it's too difficult for this non-tech savvy gal. 
  • I have been frantically watching all of my DVR'd shows recently...like went to bed at midnight because I was so behind. We are switching to Direct on Thursday & my current DVR will be dunzo. 
  • I am totally creeped out by Dish Network. After my annoyance with them last week, I tweeted (hate that work, btw) about it and not 5 minutes later they started following me on Twitter. What the frack?! Stalkers. 
  • I am totally stressed about resetting my new DVR schedule. What if I forget something important like Teen Mom, RHOeverycityinAmerica, or Project Runway?!
  • I am a total baby boy clothing snob. I admit it. Boy stuff is so much tackier than girl stuff. Monkeys, Balls, & stupid sayings. Make. It. Stop.
  • I think that if I refuse to acknowledge the fact that my squishy newborn turns 1 on Monday then it just won't happen. Right? I want to keep him this way forever. 
  • I pay for Netflix everything month but haven't actually used it since...um, April? No worries, I sent back the uber dusty Modern Family disc today. 
Go link up with Shannon..I want to hear what you're saying "SO WHAT" to! 


Unknown said...

Ha! I hate it when I tweet something and then withing minutes a completely random COMPANY is following me because of a buzz word I put in my tweet. Oh Dish Network! :) Enjoy all of your DVRd dhows!

L.Caroline said...

We just invested in AppleTV and I now watch Netflix waaaaaay too much! Also, I am getting prepared to set up the fall DVR and I feel like I am forgetting shows, too! Teen Mom is definitely a guilty pleasure...

The Anderson Family said...

Let me know if you want me to email you a guilty pleasure list so you don't forget anything!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I have had 2 Netflix movies since March! I just can't make myself watch them or return them! Not good!

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