The things I don't want to forget

This is, essentially, the baby book for all my kids. Thank goodness for the internet! Here are some things I don't want to forget:
-how Cheney LOVES getting kisses from the dogs. Hudson and Ellie happily oblige but she is still working on Jack. She walks up to them with her mouth open wide & they know that she wants a kiss. Ha! Sister girl loves her dogs!
-the difference in sibling relationships at this age. Grayson is more of Cheney's protector and caretaker. He always makes sure she is safe and has things that she needs. He is loving to her and wants to hug on her all day long, but she screams. She longs for personal space. Griffin is her silly playmate and she thinks he is hilarious. I'm pretty sure she thinks they are the same age (poor tiny Griff) because she gets MAD when he tries to help her do anything.

-Cheney will cry and cry each morning until I go to her room. As soon as I turn the light on she sits down, turns her music on, and wants to just stay in her crib for about 10 minutes. I will ask over & over if she wants to go downstairs but she adamantly shakes her head no. Funny girl!
-Griffin can memorize any song after hearing it once. I think he will be the musical kid. He can carry a tune and it just seems to come naturally to him. We love listening to him sing in the car!
-Grayson causes all the drama getting dressed in the morning. It makes me laugh (when it isn't making me pull my hair out). I try and help but I can't get it right. He is particular about which things go together and which tall Nike socks he wants to wear! Such a mini teenage boy.
-Cheney loves her snowboots and picking out multiple bows. They rarely match her outfit, but I am just thrilled that she wants one!!
-Griffin says "mank you" instead of "thank you" and I refuse to ever correct him. It's my favorite. Especially during prayers. "Mank you God for my family. Mank you God for my friends."
-Cheney has started playing with my hair while I read her stories at naptime and bedtime. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
-When Ben walks through the door he always gets the BEST Cheney greeting. She squeals, dances, and is genuinely so happy to see her daddy.
-Grayson is all of a sudden obsessed with magic tricks. He hides things all the time and shows me his "tricks" and "how magic he is." It is so random!

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