Five on Friday

IT'S FRIDAY. Hallelujah!!! This week has not been the greatest & I am excited for a weekend with very little plans! I am really, really working hard to get my blog back in business. I finally cleaned off our desk in the office (we had not really been able to SEE the desk since we moved. in April. oops.) and I have my own little nook to write! So, here's my Five on Friday! Well, four, because I can't think of five;)
1. The only reason this week wasn't the greatest was because Cheney was sick again. We have become frequent visitors at the pediatrician lately. I wish they would let me have a punch card or something. You know, one free visit for every 10 we have? She woke up super early Tuesday morning with a 104 degree temp...that is crazy high for our kids & it freaked me out a little. I didn't go to work that day & took her to the doctor. We saw a different one in our practice & after he checked out her chart, he said, "let me guess...she's a daycare baby!" Nope. No she is not. Just catches ALL THE VIRUSES. Luckily she is acting almost back to normal today. yay!
2. Well, I kind of got a maid for Christmas. Except not really. I actually got a robot that cleans my floors for Christmas and it is just as awesome!! My parents got me a Roomba and it is the greatest invention ever. I always had to sweep at least once every day since we have shedding dogs and messy children.  It was usually the first thing I did every morning. I haven't had to sweep the first floor our house since!!!!! (well, aside from kid crumbs after meals) It's amazing. If you have dogs, GET THIS.
3. Speaking of Christmas, Cheney girl got some pretend makeup that she loves. She plays with it every day and loves doing all of our makeup. Daddy included:) I decided she needed another set to keep in our master bathroom because she is always in there when I get ready. I remember seeing a DIY thing on Pinterest and gave it a whirl!
Here is her new makeup! I had 2 things of eyeshadow and blush that were basically empty. I just scraped the rest of it out, rinsed it, and then poured in some cheap nail polish. Voila! Fake makeup! It took a full day to dry and get the horrible smell out. Cheney loves it! Now she can do makeup when she's upstairs and downstairs...such a girly girl!
4. We have entered into the dreaded winter months. The months that feel so dark, cold, & dreary. Winter is HARD with little boys. Grayson and Griffin have so much energy but it has been so cold lately! They have rediscovered our Wii lately and think Just Dance is so fun. It's the old version from 5-6 years ago but they LOVE dancing to it. It is a really funny energy burner before bed. Plus watching G get really into it is funny!

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