Menu Monday

Monday: Cashew Chicken with fried rice (using this recipe for the chicken minus the lettuce wraps)
Chicken and Potato Chowder - Just like mom's comforting chicken noodle soup, but it's even creamier and loaded with cheesy goodness!
Tuesday: Chicken and Potato Chowder with cornbread (we had enough leftover last week to freeze!)
Wednesday: Buffalo Ranch Ritz Cracker Chicken with baked sweet potatoes (this is a recipe I saw on Instagram...if we like it I will share it next week)
Thursday: Ranch Chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans (I didn't love the Bacon Chicken Ranch casserole from last week..too dry for me. BUT, I did love the chicken in it so I will be prepping it the same way!)
Friday: Salsa Chicken tacos (these were a big FAIL last week. I left them in the crockpot while I was working and came home to burned salsa chicken. Note to self: 3-4 hours only in crockpot!)
Saturday: out
Sunday: Pancakes and bacon

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