The New House Tour: Dining Room and Kitchen

The biggest difference in our current house & our old house is that we went from a new build to an older home.  The house we live in now was built in 1998. Thankfully, the kitchen has been pretty much renovated and although some parts of the house need updating, it was move in ready. By the way, these house tour posts are really hard because it means my house has to actually be clean enough for pictures. I'll start with the dining room!
We haven't done any painting downstairs yet. I think I may keep the dining room colors...I can't decide!

Real life. There is a framed picture and candle sticks in the corner on the floor.

My assistant!

This dining room is a little bit bigger than our old one. I would love to eventually add a corner china cabinet to display some of my pretty dishes!

This is also the home of our beloved Roomba, Roberta. She's kind of like my housekeeper.
And here is the heart of the home...our kitchen!!
 Our old kitchen had dark cabinets and dark granite. I wanted a light & bright kitchen so badly after a few years of living there. I was so happy when we looked at this house and it had white cabinets, lighter granite, and HUGE windows.

This is the only room downstairs that needs to be painted.  I really don't like the dark burnt orange color that it is. One huge (and I mean almost deal breaker for me) downfall of this kitchen is that it doesn't have a pantry. We looked at it the first time and it didn't occur to me until later that night that it didn't have one. We went back a few days later so I could inspect their cabinets & see how they organized food. It definitely is not easy but it is doable.

I love the layout of the kitchen and how much more open it feels to our family room.
I kinda miss the days of magnetic refrigerators...this is one of my favorite spots in the kitchen! We have preschool pictures of our kids and our little Compassion child, Charles!

Our newest addition to the kitchen area is Cheney's new kitchen. She LOVES it!

I really love these huge floor to ceiling windows. We took the blinds down recently and it just brightens the whole room. I still look at our huge backyard and can't believe we live here! Our kitchen table is new (to us). Our lovely movers broke our old one and it was not fixable. Thankfully my friend, Mary, gave us her old table & we decided to refinish it! It was a lot of sanding and staining, but I love how it looks now. It fits our family of 5 better, too.
Our house is definitely a work in progress but it feels so much like home!


Elizabeth said...

love love love!!!! wish i could come see it & you!!!

Jen Watts said...

Love it! I need a visit!