snow fun

We have had quite the wintery week here in middle Tennessee! We had snow on Wednesday & all weekend! I was sitting at dinner with friends on Thursday night when we got the call that school was cancelled on Friday due to the winter storm heading our way. Well, we woke up on Friday and there was nothing but a little sleet. The kids were disappointed. Ben called me after he got to work and said the roads were slick & around 8:30 the snow started to really fall. It fell really hard, really fast. Luckily Ben left work after a couple hours and although he got stuck a few times, he made it home for a long snowed-in weekend.
By Saturday morning we had about 6 inches! I have never seen that much snow in Nashville. It was beautiful and looked like a winter wonderland. It has melted some today, but we still have plenty to play in!
Cheney was not a big fan of the cold wind in her face but she loved the snow! She looked SO cute in her fluffy snowsuit. She has never looked so chubby!
Grayson was definitely our biggest fan of the snow! He loved it! We tried going sledding but the hill behind our house isn't steep enough. He did make a snowman and helped Ben shovel all the snow off our trampoline!
Griffin prefers a warm house over the cold snow. He doesn't like his hands getting cold but he did love eating our snow cream we made!
We had a fun weekend of playing outside, lounging in pajamas inside, & looking at the beautiful snow. It is so cold & messy, but it really is so pretty.  Now that we have had our big snow fun, I think spring weather can come! 

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