The New House Tour: a room for our boys

When we moved in to our house, the boys were not sharing a bedroom. You might remember that we had tried that once before when Griffin was a few months older than Cheney is now. It was a disaster. We nixed that whole idea and came to terms with the fact that they would never share and we would never have a true guest room again.
Well, about a week after we moved into this house, they decided they wanted to be roommates again! The guest room still looks like it could be Grayson's room because I am sure they won't share forever, but for the time being it has been great! Here is a peek at their shared space.
It was hard to arrange their room because the closet has 2 huge doors on the opposite wall. They have just enough space now to open their window & some floor space to play. We've even gotten rid of Griff's rail since these were taken & it makes bed making SO much easier. Not that bed making happens on a regular basis or anything. Just being honest!

All I need to add on Grayson's side is a place to hang his artwork.

I love their little wall of pictures and art. I really need to add this to Cheney's room!

 I am also still in love with these beds built by my father-in-law. They are perfect! The room sharing thing can drive us crazy (especially when Griffin wakes his brother up at the crack of dawn) but the fun memories they are making is priceless.  I sure do love these brothers!
I am so glad that their room is basically finished. We will replace all the upstairs carpet eventually and Grayson has been begging for a fan in their since we moved in. I guess we will replace the ugly brass light fixture eventually! I'm just happy that they now love sharing a room!

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