weekend happenings + Menu Monday

The weekends seem to go by SO fast when Ben is home with us! I can't believe it is already Monday. We had a great weekend together enjoying this beautiful fall weather! On Friday we decided to take the boys to the zoo to see our new Kangaroo exhibit. We forgot that Fridays are the busy field trip days & our little zoo was packed. 
This was Griffin's first time to really notice the animals. He loved it & we had a hard time pulling him away from the the exhibits! He was fascinated by the giraffes. 

We didn't stay as long as we usually do because the crowd was making us crazy. We did see the kangaroos & I can't wait to take the boys back soon and see them a little better. After the zoo we went to eat lunch at the Slider House in Nashville and it was awesome! Grayson made friends with our server, per usual, & Griffin slept through most of our meal! 

On Saturday I ventured downtown again but this time I was solo! I had a blind friend date with a twitter friend, Sarah.We went to the Chuy's downtown & I loved actually talking in person! Our waiter thought it was so strange that we had never actually met. I swear their needs to be a Catfish: Online Twitter/Blog Friends special. 

The crazy thing is that Sarah and I grew up probably 15 minutes away from one another in Georgia & actually worked at restaurants owned by the same family in high school. Crazy small world, right?!

Saturday night we hung out with our neighbors at their fire pit & then watched THE BEST football game of the year. We watched Ole Miss beat LSU and it made me really wish we were in Oxford. Such a great game! 

Now on to our menu! I really need to get better at sticking to this each week. We've been slacking big time! I'm trying some new recipes this week so hopefully that will motivate me!

Monday: homemade pizza with fresh dough from Publix

Tuesday: Orange Chicken & fried rice (thank Trader Joe's for this easy meal!)

Thursday: Crockpot Lasagna Soup with Garlic Bread

Friday: Loaded Quinoa Bowl (this one is a favorite!)

Saturday: Leftovers

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Andie said...

Good game, Rebel. Good game. ;)

and I have a dumb question- but how long of a drive is it from New Orleans to Nashville? Or Nashville to Baton Rouge? Considering a vacation there!!! :)