So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • we totally failed at No Spend September? 
  • I am totally obsessed with Jazzercise now? It is such a fun work out! I'm addicted. 
  • I make monkey bread muffins every single time I bring food to MOPS? I'm just too scared to try anything new......and they are delicious. 
  • all I want out of my work outs & calorie counting is a thigh gap? 
  • we went to Newk's the other night for dinner and I totally forgot that my 6lb spoiled rotten chihuahua was outside before we left? OOPS. Mom brain. 
  • I left TWO milk sippy cups in the boys bathroom while we were in Kentucky? GAG.
  • Wednesdays are my favorite because I change out of my momiform? Jeans! Jewelry! A real bra!
  • it is totally stressing me out that I am 2 days behind on taking Griff's 14 month pictures? Also? FOURTEEN MONTHS. wah.

1 comment:

emily said...

Where is there a Newks here in Nashville??

and I totally leave the "found" sippy cups for my husband to rinse out. GAG!!!