Five on Friday


You know the drill. This could alternately be titled: a Friday Brain Dump. Go link up with Natasha, Darci, & the girls for Five on Friday! 

ONE. I am almost finished getting all of my fall decorations out. I've been busy & it is tough to get anything done with 2 equally busy boys! I'll try to get a post up next week of everything, but I will show off one area that I love. Our dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it rarely has kid junk scattered on the floor AND it has my favorite piece of furniture we own. My beloved buffet. 
Ignore the empty picture frame and focus on the glitter pumpkins & cute banner!  My sweet friend, Jenna, just started an Etsy shop recently and makes some seriously cute things! Go check out ElleJayPartyDecor if you need banners, cupcake toppers, gift tags, etc. She's great! Also? THE GLITTER PUMPKINS. I am officially obsessed. Now I want to glitter ALL THE THINGS.

TWO. This weekend is actually a real weekend for us! Ben works every other weekend so I really soak up our family time when he is actually off. He works so hard for our family & I love getting to spend time together...just the four of us. I'm not sure what all we will do, but I'm sure the toddler boys (did I really just call Griff a toddler? WAH) will keep us busy!

THREE. Once upon a time our pediatrician was semi-concerned over G's lack of words. WELL, fast forward 18 months and this child never shuts up. Not only is he always talking, bu he says some pretty funny things. Apparently he told his preschool teacher this week that he always wants to wear basketball shorts to school but mommy doesn't always let him. He always wants to play basketball in a REAL gym. He told me a few weeks ago I was pretty because I was wearing "real" clothes and not my workout clothes. Haha! He also woke up in the middle of the night earlier this week because he said an armadillo and a piggie were in his bed. Hate when that happens!

FOUR. I think it is time to get Grayson started on a chore chart. He's 3. So maybe not so much a chore chart, but more of a responsibility chart. He hates picking up his toys and throws a huge fit over it any time we ask him to clean up. I just started setting a timer before bed for 10 minutes so he can clean up. Do you have any good ideas for a 3 year old responsibility chart? What kind of incentives? I'm kind of clueless but I know we need to start something & be consistent with it!

FIVE. One of my favorite things (and most stressful things) is picking out coordinating outfits for family pictures. We are having ours made in a couple weeks. It is SO EASY to pick out what the boys are wearing and it always takes me forever to find something I like that goes with them. 
It's easy to find the boys matching outfits since I'm a Kelly's Kids Rep. No brainer. Now I have the fun task of finding something for me. Oh, and let's not forget that I will also have the fun task of bribing ALL the boys (hubby included) to smile & cooperate for 30 minutes.


Mateya said...

Could you find a blue top or blue skinnies to match the color in the boys' outfits and then add an orange scarf?? That'd be cute!

Jennifer said...

To get my little ones to help out, I labeled their dresser drawers with pictures of items that go inside - socks/pjs/undies, etc. That was the beginning of helping with laundry! We did a timer or sang the Barney "Clean up" song for pick-up time. Making it a predictable time and part of the evening routine, like you're doing, is great. Keep up the good work, mama.