The Time I Went to the Sticks

I have been wanting to visit my sweet friend, Jen, in Eastern Kentucky for SO long. She always tells me about how she lives in the middle of nowhere & it is sounds so different than where I live. We finally had our kids birthdays on different days so I thought Carsyn's 3rd birthday party would be the perfect weekend! The boys and I left on Friday for the 6 hour {solo} drive. They did so good and we had the best time all weekend! Here is a look at our weekend...
Carsyn had a Minnie Festival and it was so cute! Jen did such a great job and I loved all the pink & glittery pumpkins! I'll let you read her post for all the fun details:)
We were truly out in the middle of nowhere. These were hanging out nearby. It was a little bit different than where we live! I wish I was in town longer so I could explore!
G & Griff had the best time at the party. They ran all over the property for about 8 hours. Seriously!
Poor Griff couldn't hang the whole time...I pushed him for about 10 minutes and he slept through the first hour of the party! 
The pretty little birthday girl!
my very first internet friend! :) 
me & my boys on the hay ride! They loved it, of course. 
sweet little (big) Hank.
The highlight of Griff's trip may have been the fact that the train was like 30 feet from Jen's parents house. BIG deal!
my first corn maze EVER. 
I love these boys! Wish we lived closer!
My first time on the Ranger. I think I could have lived in the country....if there was a Target close by! Ha!

Our weekend was so much fun & we are still recovering! We can't wait to see our Kentucky friends again!


Beth Ann said...

Glad you had a great time! Mad props to you for making the trip with the babes by yourself! When my hubs is done with residency, we will most likely be moving to the sticks. ;) I really have no idea how I will survive without Target and Starbucks.

emily said...

So glad you had fun!!

lg2006 said...

Y'all look so cute! Glad you had fun. that looks like an awesome party!

Andie said...

awww! So glad you had so much fun!!! :) you guys are too cute!