The Year of the Glitter Pumpkin

I've discussed my obsession with pumpkins before. It seems to grow a little every fall. Right now I have 17 pumpkins in our house & on our porch. That would be embarrassing except I love them so much that I don't care. Ben says I go overboard, I say you can never have enough pumpkins.

Without even trying, I seem to have taken on a theme this year with our fall decorations. I fell in love with orange & gold glitter, thus, creating The Year of the Glitter Pumpkin(s). 

I need you to know that as a 1st grade teacher, I despised glitter. THE MESS. Oh my, it would get everywhere. Kind of like chalk, it made me stabby. 

However, I had a change of heart in Kentucky when I saw how cute Carsyn's pink glitter pumpkins were at her birthday party. I wanted them all.
SO, I may be finding specks of orange & gold glitter all over my house for the next 17 years, but it is so worth it. Every time I see one of my glitter pumpkins it makes me smile. 

In a house FULL of boys & trucks, I needed some glitter. Happy fall!


Stephanie said...

I stay away from glitter at all cost. I am so OCD that when it's sticking here and there, it drives me bonkers.
However, I'm envious of your d├ęcor!

Jen Watts said...

I love your glitter pumpkins, I love you, and I need you and the boys to pay me another visit. Stat.

emily said...

Love the glitter.