The Time I Sent My Toddler to the ER

Tuesday started out as a regular day. The boys and I had a nice day hanging around the house & then we were planning on eating dinner at home. Planning being the keyword. That plan fell through because we ended up in the hospital instead.

It all began when I started cooking dinner. The grill was on, veggies were cut, & chicken was marinating. I went down to our lower cabinet to get our biggest frying pan. As I was turning around with that huge frying pan, G comes barreling through the kitchen at full speed and smacks right into the frying pan. The biggest & heaviest frying pan, mind you.

I immediately yelled "Grayson!" & put down the pan. I moved his hair expecting to see a huge knot on his head. Instead I see that he is covered in blood. I yelled for Ben (thank God he was home) & he came to the rescue. I'm glad he's in the medical field because this mama gets a little frantic. 

My poor boy had a small gash over his eye but it was pouring out blood & was so swollen. Ben took him to the ER & Griffy and I followed with snacks. 
He ended up being there for about 2 hours, got it drained (ew), & then got a stitch to close it up. G was so brave the whole time and was such a trooper. He got 2 suckers & then requested Five Guys at 8:45 for dinner. Boy was hungry! 

He woke up feeling a little sore but otherwise in good spirits! SO, that means a broken arm AND stitches all before the age of 3. whew! 
We now just have a swollen black eye that needs to stay out of water for 7-10 days. I think we can handle that. Hopefully the rest of our summer will be uneventful!


Royal @ Royal Proclaims said...

Poor little buddy! Glad he's ok!

I wonked my kid in the head with a can of biscuits because he snuck up on me as I was standing in front of the refrigerator. Obviously, a trip to the ER was not necessary, lol, but it can happen so easily, those weird little accidents.

Andie said...

poor G! I am glad he is feeling better. I've been there when Andrew banged his head on a cinder block. I nearly had a heart attack!

emily said...

Poor thing! I'm glad he is okay! How scary.

Beth Ann said...

Poor guy and you! What a big boy handling it all so well though! What does your hubby do in the medical field?

Carol said...

Bless his heart! How scary!