So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I'm still terrified of letting G go out & about wearing underwear? I can deal with a leaky diaper...not soaking wet shorts!
  • I can't get back into my workout routine post-vacation? I knew I should have brought my workout DVDs to the beach!
  • my toddler has three mowers?
  • we are already weaning Griffy off of formula? I'm over that mess.
  • my life was made last night when Ben told me I could order ALL OF US matching Christmas pajamas? That's right. All of us.
  • I have the moving itch? Oh, whatever. I get the moving itch every spring & summer.
  • my children have more delicates & line dry only clothing than I do?
  • my baby only eats in clothes when we are at a restaurant?
  • I didn't wash my hair for 3 days post-wedding because my loose curls were awesome? I can't recreate them. Trust me. I've tried. 


Jenna said...

Omgosh, your so what's cracked me up today. The Christmas PJs? I die! Ryan would never be okay with that. Lol. Also, we started Lexi on milk about a month and a half ago :) Griff will do fine! And it's much cheaper for y'all!

Jen Watts said...

Ben=hubby if the year. Can't wait to see y'all in matching jams.
Your waves were awesome.

Shannon Everyday Mom-ents said...

Stopping by from So What Wednesday! I would love for my husband to agree to the christmas pajamas!!! Such a fun family tradition! : )

Stephanie said...

Where do you plan to get the pjs from? I want to get us some as well. Although, I'm just going to order it and hope I can talk James into it after the fact ;)

Also, I don't want to rush time but seriously, I'm over formula, too.

Paige @ Kids and The Good Stuff said...

I'm new here but love love love so what wed!!!