Griffin is 11 months old!

Griffin, you are ELEVEN months old! I can't believe you will be 1 in less than a month!
The Stats:
Weight: I would guess around 18.5lbs
Height: about 28 inches long
Clothes: 9 month & 12 month
Diaper: size 4
shoes: size 2
Eating: You are still such a great eater & regularly out-eat your older brother! I like to call you our human garbage disposal. You are still taking 3 bottles a day and I am about to start the process of weaning you from formula to whole milk. You've tried milk & actually like it! You eat 3 meals a day and a couple snacks. Your favorite foods right now are cheese tortellini, grilled cheese, Go Go Squeeze applesauce,
yogurt melts, banana, shredded cheese, blueberries, & watermelon. You also love to drink water out of your straw sippy cup! 
Sleep: Griff, you are a creature of habit and sleep best in your own bed, in your own dark r fasoom, with a thousand pacis surrounding you. I think you are in the process of dropping the morning nap & I'm okay with that. You take a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon & then sleep from about 7:30-6:30 every night. Right now we are still rocking you to sleep but you are starting to make that difficult! Most nights you sleep through the night but sometimes you still wake up. You crack me up because you will fall asleep sitting up against your bumper! It looks pretty funny. 
Firsts this month:
  • You just got back from your first trip to Louisiana! It was a long car ride, but you did okay. You loved spending time with your cousins!
  • You went to the beach this month! That was a REALLY long car trip! You were such a great beach baby & loved the sand. You even took morning naps on the beach!
  • You got tooth #6 & it apparently hurt really bad. 
  • giving high fives--so cute!
  • Climbing the stairs
Right now you are loving:
  • cruising around all the furniture trying to follow Grayson around!
  • watching Grayson do just about anything...he cracks you up! 
  • spending time at the pool with friends & walking around the edge of the baby pool.
  • FOOD. Meal times are your favorite.
  • Playing with all the trucks in our house.
  • Baby Beethoven. It's our saving grace in the car.
Right now you are NOT loving:
  • being backwards in your carseat 
  • going to sleep--you fight it for a long time!
Griffy, you have the best personality! You also have lots of nicknames: Griffers, Griff, Griffy, and Mini. We've called you Mini since day 1 since you looked like a mini-Grayson. I think G will call you Mini forever! Everyone always talks about your pretty big blue eyes & your sweet disposition. You really are such a sweet & happy boy! You are starting to "talk" a lot more. You say "da da da da da" all the time.  You are such a busy little guy and are into everything. I think you will really keep us on your toes once you start walking! Speaking of walking, you are a lazy baby. It's pretty funny & completely different than your brother was. You refuse to stand most of the time and would rather crawl than push a toy. You can stand and you can walk behind the push toys, but you just don't like to do it.
Griff, we love you so much! Happy 11 months!


Jennifer said...

Oh my, how precious! He's getting soooo big!

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