5 on Friday

Everyone else seems to be linking up on Fridays, so I may as well join the party! 

1. I am up to my neck in first birthday planning. I am searching for cotton candy currently & it's harder to locate than one would think! I'm excited to see everything come together but I know I will be a crazy person all next week preparing. I need someone to get my booty in gear!

2. Yesterday was Ben's 29th birthday! It actually happened to be his off day so we had a family date to The Pharmacy for burgers & enjoyed the BEST strawberry cake courtesy of Newk's. He got a set of Ole Miss cornhole boards for his birthday so we'll be spending even more time outside!

3. My baby is growing up so fast. I may be consumed with 1st birthday planning, but I am in total denial that my baby is almost a toddler. I vividly remember this week one year ago. I was soaking up all my time I had left with just Grayson & now I can't imagine life without our smiley little Griff!
4. We are to the point where G gets really annoyed with Griffin because he always takes his toys. Thankfully, we are also at the stage where Grayson wants Griff to "play wif me!"  It's so sweet. I know they will fight more than enough as they get older, but I also know they will be little sidekicks. Built-in best friends. Grayson calls Griffin his "favorite friend." They sure do love each other! 
5. Today is our FIVE year anniversary! 5 years ago was one of the best days of my life & I love walking through life with Ben!


Mateya said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! Oh, and I love the pennants on that cake, great idea!

Lynsey said...

Happy Anniversary! Wish I was there to help you with G's party planning.

Andie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

and what is Newk's? I hear you & Sarah talk about it and I have no idea what it is!!!

Sara McCarty said...

My baby just turned one too and it blows my mind how quickly this year has gone. I mean, everyone tells you, but the days sometimes felt so long that I had a hard time believing it until I blinked and it had passed. Wow.

Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

Happy anniversary! I love your wedding dress!

And our husbands are almost birthday twins! Trey turns 29 tomorrow!

Jenny @ jennycollier.com said...

Happy Anniversary!

Having kids close in age is a give and take. They are the best of friends but mine also fight over the same toys. Good opportunities to teach lessons I suppose. :)

Have a great weekend.

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 9 years on Wednesday!

I have two boys 21mos apart, so I totally understand the "built-in-best friend, but don't take my toys" mentality! It's amazing to watch their relationship develop though ;)

Have a great weekend!

kate said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
FYI- I purchased a ton of cotton candy at Sam's Club for my son's 1st bday:)