Five on Friday


1. If you could see my house in its current state, you would think I was a hoarder of carnival-themed birthday supplies. I am ready for this party on Saturday so I can have my house back & stop thinking about the crafts/plans/everything else involved in planning a party these days. 

2.  Ben and I went on a 5th anniversary date last weekend! We did drinks & appetizers at Granite City and then dinner at Germantown Cafe. Yum, yum, yum! I love being able to have adult conversation AND eat my food slowly rather than grab a baby out of a highchair halfway through. Such a treat! 

3. There is a baby boom going on right now & it has almost given me the fever. You know what fever I speak of. The fever that makes you lose your mind, forget about ALL THE LOST SLEEP YOU HAD LESS THAN 5 MONTHS AGO, & actually want to do it all again. The keyword in the first sentence was almost.
4. I got this delicious concoction as a gift from my cousin. I opened it this week and ohmygoodness it was SO GOOD. Like, I kinda want to order a whole case, good.
5. I am so ready for cooler weather & college football season. BUT, the thing I will miss about summer is watching this cute pajama clad boy enjoying a popsicle after his baby brother goes to bed. It is the highlight of his day & I know he feels so big since Griff can't participate. (next year, little buddy) I just love this sweet boy!


Mateya said...

Oh man that mango mimosa looks delicious!!!!

Hope you have a great party!

Jen Watts said...

Cracks me up he's in his pjs when the sun is still out!! Yayyyyyy!!!! PARTY DAY!!! Wish I was there.

Jenna said...

Totally know what you mean about the baby fever! SERIOUS pregnancy/baby boom going on right now. I had 3 friends have babies today alone! Yay for party day tomorrow! Have a blast!