Griffin's Birthday Banner - a Signazon review

There was a family in the neighborhood I grew up in that always had the cutest birthday flags for each of their kids. Every year the personalized flags would come out for each kid's birthday week. I thought it was such a neat tradition & it has stuck with me for about 20 years. When Grayson was getting to close to his first birthday, I started looking for something similar. I couldn't find any flags or signs that I thought were cute OR that would be nice enough to use year after year. 

Enter Signazon. This company can make just about any type of sign (magnets, decals, yard signs, etc.) but the personalized banners are what caught my eye! 

Griffin has a birthday coming up & I knew just what I wanted: a big ol' banner that I can hang for him every year! Signazon is great because they have pre-made templates you can use or you can design your own. I chose to make my own & it was SO easy! It literally took 15 minutes from start to finish. You can't beat that!
I got our banner less than a week after I ordered it & I love it so much! It's made of durable vinyl & is 2 feet x 4 feet. You better believe this fun banner will be hanging on our front porch next week!
I am so happy with how this turned out & can't wait to make one for Grayson before his 3rd (what?!?!?) birthday in September!

Disclaimer: I did receive this personalized birthday banner in exchange for a review, but the opinions expressed are all my own. You can also go read other reviews here!