A fireman & his dalmatian

I'm not a huge Halloween fan, as in I don't enjoy dressing up & going to parties, BUT? Halloween with your kids is so much fun! This year I wanted to pick a costume that Grayson would really enjoy. We all know that Grayson loves any sort of truck, but he specifically loves fire trucks. We got G a fireman costume & I made Griffin a dalmatian costume! 
How cute are they?! G was so excited to wear his costume!
 Ben & the boys before we went trick-or-treating
my favorite little guys! 

 Grayson, Gray as Cinderella, & Eli as Captain America
Reed came as Clark Kent (hilarious!) and went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!
 This crew had a blast going door to door & getting candy. Eli led the pack! We had so much fun this year!
Halloween 2012 was a success!