on being content.

I've been a part of this blogging community for almost 4 years. It is something that I have grown to love for so many reasons. I've connected with so many people that I would never even talk to otherwise. I am able to walk through this season of life with SO many other women who are in the same place as I am right now.

But, with every positive there is usually a negative. I think the hard part for me when I am reading blogs about another person's life is not getting caught up in comparing.  The same goes for any social media outlet, really. It's really easy to look at someone's life through the computer screen & only see perfection. After all, who really airs their dirty laundry for the world to see? (Okay, I know that everyone has THAT "friend" on facebook that does this...but let's hope they are few & far between.)

I see perfectly edited pictures of children who are smiling & I automatically assume that they must be perfectly behaved. I see pictures of someone's decorations & I immediately think their house is always spotless and then I have the desire to go out and buy more, more, more for our own home.  I see people gushing about their husbands & I think they must have the perfect marriage with no problems.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that social media allows just a glimpse into the life of a person & we don't really know what happens behind closed doors. Sometimes it makes it hard to feel content. 

I'm part of a women's bible study at our church & this was the topic last week. Contentment. It got me thinking about how I usually feel pretty content...but am I really? I know that I often struggle with being present & really soaking in where I am in this moment. I am a daydreamer by nature and often look forward to the next big thing.  I forget that while looking forward to that next stage in life, I'm missing out on what I have now.  I need to be more intentional about enjoying what God has blessed me with now.

I'm challenging myself to stop comparing. To be content with this wonderful life that I have. To really focus on the blessings I've been given and thank God.  To be content with who I am.


Elizabeth said...

It is such a challenge not to compare to others, sometimes I have to back away from social media and remember that I'm not perfect, life isn't perfect, and that Hudson is perfect no matter if he can write his name or not!

Paige said...

It is so hard to not compare ourselves with others. I know that I am terrible about this myself. This is a great challenge, and one I should take up myself!

Mateya said...

This is a daily struggle for me! And social media does not help one bit! I just try to remind myself that I'm only seeing a tiny glimpse into their life! No one is perfect!

Jen Watts said...

Amen my sista from another mista!!

Funny when our first babes were born YOU were who I compared myself too. I saw you with a baby the same age as Carsyn and having no struggles. Your baby was always happy and you never complained...you made me open my eyes and be grateful for my life and my babies. So thank you friend!

And please, let me know HOW people with mulitple chidren get their kids happy and smiling in photos because that don't happen here. ever.

Love you!

Stephanie said...

Now that I'm a member of the Mommy club, I can't help but want to compare myself to other Moms. I had a moment this afternoon and caught myself. At the time, I'd been a Mom for all of 16 hours. I decided to not be so hard on myself and instead be the best Mom to Connor and wife to James. I truly feel if I am okay with my decisions and my family is healthy and happy, there is no need to compare.

lg2006 said...

This is a struggle for me as well which I have really been working on and praying over lately. Comparison steals my joy, and its a hard habit to break