I feel like we've been so busy lately but it's the kind of busy where I couldn't quite tell you what all we've been up to. Just, busy.

We let Grayson pick out a small pumpkin last week at the pumpkin stand so that we could paint it. To say that he was obsessed with his hand-picked pumpkin would be quite the understatement. This poor pumpkin was carried around everywhere for 2 days straight. It was also dropped about a gazillion times so it may have a short life. 
G has been painting a lot at school & he was really excited to paint this little pumpkin! 

Ohhh, the "silly face." It never gets old. This boy cracks me up!
Griffin has been really busy being extra cute. I kiss this boy's cheeks at least a thousand times a day. 
Griffin has also been busy mastering the art of head control. It can't be all play & no work, right?
 My mom was in town for a few days last week & we took G to another Touch-a-Truck event. This one was so much bigger than the one in June & he was beside himself with all the trucks. 
A few of our friends were there too! Reid & Grayson got to "drive" the recycling truck before we left. I've got to say, being a boy mom is pretty fun! I never thought I would know the difference between any trucks until G came along. We passed what I thought was a bulldozer the other day & I was quickly corrected: "no! front loader!" :) The boy knows his trucks!
We've also been playing with our newest friend, Eli. This picture makes my heart so happy. These 3 are so fun! 


Stephanie said...

I love when you capture him squinting! I'm pretty excited to be a boy Mom, too. I will refer to you when I'm need of all things trucks.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love G & Griff both! They are too darn cute as always... G is to die for when he does those little winks & Griff I so want his little cheeks & his smile :)

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

He cracks me up knowing the difference between a bulldozer and a front loader! Love that kid!