The craziness that is brothers.

The very first time that we laid eyes on Griffin, we could not believe how much he looked like his big brother. The similarities was crazy!  I've had so much fun comparing pictures with our 2 boys. I will look at a picture of Griffin and remember a very similar one of G from two years ago. It makes for a lot of deja vu moments!

I mean, seriously, they look like twins. Only two years apart. 
The smiles. They are the same. Griffin is so smiley now & it reminds me so much of how Grayson was as a baby. He smiled & laughed all the time!

The similarities are starting to fade some as Griffin gets older. Grayson was definitely a little rounder in the face & just generally bigger. It's so fun to compare our 2 boys! I can't wait to see what Griffin looks like when he's two!


Megan said...

Whoa! That is crazy! I don't think I have ever seen two siblings look so much alike! They are too darn cute!

Happiness Is... said...

That is nuts! But they are both soooo cute!

Stephanie said...

I have never seen 2 siblings look more alike! It's a bit crazy!! Good thing they are just over the top handsome!