real life.

I like to take pictures. I really like to take pictures of my boys together. Occasionally I will get a great shot with both boys looking & making sweet faces at the camera. 
See? Griffin looking sweet. G flashing that cute smile. 

These pictures are few & far between. I would like to show you a series of pictures that depicts real life with 2 young boys perfectly. 
 Baby starts crying when mama hands him over.
 I tell the toddler to hold the baby. He responds by holding the baby's neck & pushing his head back.
When corrected, toddler gets frustrated and simply lets go of baby. Baby tries to hold on to toddler's shirt for dear life.
 "Oh! I'm sitting on hay?! NEAT!!!" ...baby continues to fall over.
Well, look what the toddler found. Baby is finally content. 
Hmm. Baby is upset again. Toddler digs for gold.
Toddler finally decides to hold baby again. Phew. 
....and this is the best I got.


{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

HA HA HA! I like Grayson digging for gold the best! ;)

At least you had a pretty background, and 2 cutie patootie subjects!!!

Mateya said...

Haha! Too funny! At least they're cute :)

Mallorie said...


Amy said...

My absolute fave is the one with nose picking. That one needs a frame. :)