So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • there is still a "happy birthday" balloon floating around our downstairs? 
  • I may scream if I see one more picture of a pumpkin spice latte or a Bridier Baubles necklace? Twitter tends to do a massive overkill on many things. These being 2 of them. 
  • we had a basket of clean whites siting in our room for about a week & by the time I could fold them they needed washing again? See also: story of my current life. 
  • dry shampoo is my new best friend?
  • I created a second facebook account just for all the smocked clothing sites I "like?" They were getting out of control. 
  • one of the highlights of October will be ordering my new life planner? 
  • all I want for Christmas is 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep? 
  • I fall asleep feeding Griffin about 75% of the time at night? Don't have a heart attack, I'm sitting up in my bed...he won't get smothered. This mama is TIRED. 
What are you saying "so what" to this week?! Go link up with Shannon! 


Unknown said...

omg I JUST posted on another girl's so what! about how fab dry shampoo is. It seriously for real is the greatest thing ever. I'm totally giving it as baby shower gifts from now on LOL j/k!

my friend has a bajillion smocked clothing sites she likes for giveaways and stuff and it's killing my newsfeed. that's awesome you made a 2nd account just for that!

Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

Stephanie said...

I think I will be asking for the same thing for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura! Found you at the So What Wednesday Blog Hop. You have a really nice blog, liked it a lot so I'm following ^^
Hope you can make some time to visit my blog too and have a look around. Have a great day xx

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh. Would kill for 12 hours of sleep right now too. LOL. Maybe that's what I'll ask for for my birthday! ;) Ha!

Unknown said...

Bahaha I may just steal your "all I want for Christmas is 12 hours of unitnerrupted sleep" too funny but oh so true!

Cute blog, you have a new follower :)

Elizabeth said...

Ummmm i have a birthday balloon from H's birthday in February!!! Damn thing won't die!