feeling nostalgic

I so vividly remember this stage I was in 2 years ago. Grayson was 12 weeks old & it was my first week back in the classroom. I left my baby boy for the first time. 

The weeks leading up to that point were so hard & I cried. A lot. I wanted to stay home with that sweet baby more than anything. But? The timing wasn't right. I had to wait. 

Now, I'm sitting on my couch 2 years later with another 12 week old asleep upstairs. I was the one who got up with him this morning. I was the one who played with him on his mat. I was the one who fed him & changed him throughout the day. I was the one who snuggled with him on the couch so he could take a good nap. I was even the one who had to change shirts multiple times because I got spit up on. 

This week? I'm feeling nostalgic. I am remembering those feelings of sadness & all the tears I cried over leaving Grayson in daycare. I remember how hard those 6 months were when I was teaching but I'm glad I had to wait. It made me appreciate this new job a whole lot more. I am feeling thankful that the timing is right this time around.  That I not only get to spend my days with our sweet second baby boy, but also our super fun toddler. 

It's not an easy job & it's actually pretty overwhelming right now, but I wouldn't trade it. Yes, indeed. I am feeling extra thankful this week.


Happiness Is... said...

Daycare when they are little is SO hard. I've found it easier as T is older and socializes, etc but when they are tiny? Ugh.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love ur two boys! G & Griff are always to precious & sweet! I can never get enough of there sweet little faces so I completely see how as their mamma it would be hard for them to go to daycare & be away from them...