So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I went a whole week between posts? We've been busy, busy!
  • G requests to do "Gangnam Style" at least 5 times a day? 
  • I ended a tough toddler/baby Tuesday with a big glass of milk & homemade chocolate chip cookies? Sorry, Weight Watchers.
  • watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills makes me sad for the Maloofs? Obviously I am too invested in reality tv. 
  • Magic Mike was finally watched....with my husband? I have no words.
  • I am SO SICK of people talking about the election? Seriously. It's over. It is what it is. Be thankful you even have the right to vote. 
  • it's been almost 5 months since my hair has seen a salon? 
  • I keep certain people around on facebook simply for entertainment purposes?
  • I still have pumpkins out on my porch but want to bust out my Christmas stuff too?


emily said...

1. I have no idea what Gangnam style" is. Obviously, I'm seriously out of the loop!

2. I get too invested in the stupid reality shows too. I seriously had to quit watching the RH series.

Have a great week!

Allison said...

Haha, this is me on so many of these!