a little roadtrip

Last Thursday we picked Grayson up early from school & took a little roadtrip to Atlanta to see my family.  Ben had to work all weekend so my mom made the trip with me. This was Griffin's first long car trip & I was dreading it. He hates his carseat. Well, Griffin proved me wrong & instead of screaming, he slept the entire 4 hours! 
Grayson had a great time in my parents backyard.  He helped rake the leaves & jumped into his first leaf pile! 
We spent Friday enjoying the beautiful weather. My mom & I took the boys on a picnic by the Chattahoochee River and then we went to the nature center nearby.  I swear G is the Bird Whisperer. He can always get so close to birds...it's so funny! He thought feeding the geese was really fun but he wasn't so sure about them walking towards him!

The main reason I went to Georgia was so my grandparents could meet Griffin & spend some time with Grayson. They all came over on Saturday & I love that they got to see both of our boys. Grayson got to show his great-grandparents how he mows, weed eats, & rides his plasma car. I wish we could see them more often! 
The boys with Papa & Carol. G insisted on holding Griffin, of course. 
The boys with Grandmother & Granddaddy. Griffin loved Grandmother! 
On Sunday morning we went the Georgia Aquarium. I hadn't been since it opened in college & was so excited to take G! He loves animals and was so excited to see dolphins and penguins. We had a great time & the boys were so good! Even Griffin loved looking at all the lights. We went to the dolphin show and it was awesome. I have never seen my busy 2 year old sit still for that long. He loved watching the dolphins jump! It was so fun.
I'm happy to have the first road trip out of the way. I'm even happier that it was a success--both ways! It always feels good to go "home" but it makes it even more special to bring my boys to the place where I grew up.


Amy said...

How special for the boys to spend time with the great grandparents! I love it when we get to spend time with the Greats! And taking the kids to the aquarium is definitely on my to do list!

Mateya said...

How special! So awesome that the kids are able to spend time with their grandparents...especially great-grandparents!!

Love little G's striped outfit! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

the dolphin show at the aquarium put E into a trance. like i wanted to bring them home so she would sit still here. loved that show.

and way to go little man sleeping the whole trip! good job!

glad y'all had a good trip :)