Griffin is 4 months old!

Griffin is 4 months old today!
The stats:
Weight: 12.8lbs (5th percentile)
Height: 24.75 inches (40th percentile)
Diaper: size 2
Clothes: I just packed up all the 3 month clothes this week. :( I was a little sad about packing up those sweet baby clothes...what if this is the last time I use little boy clothes?! You are wearing all 3-6 month & 6 month clothes now!

Eating: You are still nursing & are just a great eater! It's amazing how much easier it is this time around. You are still nursing every 3-4 hours during the day. We just started giving you a bottle at night before you go to bed to make sure you are getting that little belly full. You are taking about 6-7 ounces each night before bed. You are still waking up one time to eat in the middle of the night; usually between 3am-4am.

Sleeping: oh man. You're still not a fantastic nighttime sleeper, but we love you anyway! You start in your crib around 8:00 every night. However, we have multiple wake-ups due to my nemesis, THE PACI.  You got too long for the Rock 'n Play, you aren't a huge fan of the Pack 'n Play, so you typically end up in bed with us for half the night. By typically I mean every single night. ha! I'm still trying to figure out your nap routine. You take a morning nap about 2 hours after you wake up & from then on, it's just hit or miss. Hoping month 4 will bring us a steady routine!
Right now you are loving...
  • your paci.
  • your Angel Dear monkey lovie. You love to snuggle it up to your face when you are tired!
  • Being worn in the K'Tan--specifically facing forward!
  • Grayson. All of a sudden you notice your big brother and he makes you laugh so hard! You really love watching him play & you smile at him constantly. It's so sweet!
  • Standing up.
  • Sitting up. You are trying SO HARD to sit up all by yourself & often fall over when trying. 
  • Bath time.
  • Playing in the exersaucer. We just got it out a few weeks ago & you have had fun studying all the new toys! Grayson loves to help you play!
Don't worry, Griff was just upset because G was throwing a fit in his room. :)
Right now you are NOT loving...
  • you HATE, HATE, HATE your infant carseat. We will be switching soon. Mama's ears can't handle the screaming every single time we go anywhere. 
  • the bouncy seat. You've never been a fan!
  • sleeping in your crib all night
Griffin, you are such a sweet & smiley baby. I have had so much fun the past few weeks really seeing your personality come out. You are such an observer. All is well if you are just outside watching all the kids play with us. You're still so laid back which I am very thankful for! You also started rolling from tummy to back this month. You really don't care for tummy time & that has become your solution to that problem! Problem solver! I love listening to you "talk" more now. You're getting very chatty!
I think the most fun development lately is your relationship with your big brother. You think he is hilarious! He can get you to laugh so hard, especially while y'all are taking a bath! I hope you boys always love each other the way you do right now. Y'all have a special bond already! Grayson asks about you first thing in the morning & first thing after school. I fear that you may be "Baby Griffin" forever.
Griffin, you are such a joy & have made the past 4 months so fun! We love you sweet boy!

Happy 4 months, Griffin!


Mateya said...

He's so stinkin cute! Hoping the paci woes end soon! :(

emily said...

He is precious!

Stephanie said...

He is getting big quickly!! Connor isn't a fan of the car seat either so we stay home a lot. I don't know what to do about it!

Crystal Seed said...

He is too darn cute!!! Love all his faces!

My Mississippi Madness said...

I love this Laura. I have all boy cousins (3 Brothers) and they are all super close and have the BEST relationship. Our baby is still "baby Tucker/tucky baby" and he turned 21 a week ago.

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