a mommy tantrum

Yesterday was one one those days.  The kind of day where I want to throw myself face first onto the kitchen floor and throw a tantrum worthy of my 2 year old. 

I was SO INCREDIBLY tired. Griffin still isn't sleeping well at night & always ends up in bed with me (hello, half sleep) and G thinks he needs to wake up at 5:45. Not only does he wake up at the crack of stupid, but lately he has also been Sir Grumpsalot. 

The whining was out. of. control. A teething Griffin was screaming a whole lot more than usual.  I figured surely I could make it to nap time.  We did make it. Except G took a really short nap. oy. 

So, I packed the boys up so we could run some errands. Griffin needed to sleep so bad & I was crossing my fingers he would fall asleep in the car. Have I mentioned that Griff loathes the car? Well, needless to say, he didn't fall asleep. In fact, he screamed his way through our Goodwill donation drop-off. 

Next stop was a return to a local baby store.  Griffin was screaming. Grayson was crying because he couldn't sit in the stroller. I was carrying a massive toddler bed rail. 3 women sat behind the front desk that is directly by the front door and not a single one offered to help me open the door.  I was sweating and probably looked like a deranged SAHM. 

As we all 3 sat in the car about to drive off I almost joined the children. In crying, that is.  I was on the brink of a meltdown. It had been a hard day. I told Ben that I was starting to think I may never sleep again. 

Thankfully, my husband is awesome and brought home mini Christmas trees (I love me some Christmas decorations!) & TWO double doozie cookies. Yep, he's mine. You can't have him. 

So basically, today I am thankful for double doozie cookies, a glass of wine, Christmas decorations, & preschool. Here's to a better day today!


{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Must have been something in the air. We had THIS DAY on Friday. By 8:45 {{{AM}}} I was at my witts end! However, Saturday, he was a new boy. And I was a new momma! Today WILL be a better day! I'm glad Ben took care of you! He's a keeper!!!!!!

JMB said...

me too! two snotty babies, 3m and 19m. A car in the shop until the 4th, so husband has the wagon. A terrible health insurance agency that wouldn't give me the tylenol dosage because they wanted our copay... remember, we only have one car right now- husband had to leave work... Take out it was... and an IPA, then all was right with the world once he got home.

Alyssa said...

We all have those days. After this morning, I could use a couple double doozie cookies and a bottle of wine, but I'll settle for Pizza Hut for lunch (Thank you Book-it and a child that hates pizza!), and the kids being at school.

Just remember, each day gets better and some day you'll look back on these days and actually miss them- that is unless your son is 9 and STILL doesn't sleep...

emily said...

I hope today was a better day for you! Lack of sleep and crying babies is enough to drive one to drink, heavily!!

Those employees ought to be ashamed to not help a mom, and a customer out. Seriously...rude.

Unknown said...

Oh girl, I totally feel your pain - and the lack of sleep makes everything so so much worse!

Unknown said...

Also, I apologize for the least encouraging comment ever - basically just know you're not alone!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Bless your heart! I am so sorry that G & Griff gave you such a hard time! I am sure you will be glad when G no longer is in his terrible 2 stage & once griff learns to like sleep... Hang in there mamma!