spring wants

Spring always has me itching for new things; fun clothes, springy nail polish, cute sandals. I'm not sure how cute my wardrobe will be this spring and summer, but here are a few things I have on my wish list!

Call me a bandwagon jumper, but I have heard SO many people rave about the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I've seen the Naked 2 palette but I think I would use these colors more. I'll take any excuse to explore Sephora & these are calling my name! 


I'm not sure I can pull off a maxi skirt, but they sure do look comfy!
Okay, these are not for me. These are for G...but HOW CUTE would they be with his seersucker shorts?! I mean, really.

Now, all I need is some money & warmer weather! 


Mallorie said...

LOVE all of those! And I saw the velcro sperrys and was wondering ;-) They are SO dang cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the sperrys!!! Fyi they run really narrow & small

Jen Watts said...

gimme gimme gimme! seriously, I want a new wardrobe!!

G needs those shoes momma!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I am in love with that second dress! Yes please... & I love those little shoes on little ones. I think they are just so cute!

Happiness Is... said...

Love those Sperry topsiders!

Lynsey said...

I love everything you posted! Mason will certainly need those Sperrys!