sunny days

We have had a crazy mild winter here in Tennessee, so it only makes sense that we've had crazy warm temperatures in March! Grayson loves to be outside & we have spending hours outside...everyday. I'm enjoying the 80's right now because I know in true southern fashion it will be up to 97 degrees in no time time! 
It was so warm last week that I whipped out one of the baby pools to see if G was interested. It may have just been a reason to see him in his cute seersucker swimsuit! 
In true toddler fashion, he showed no interest in the pool at first. So, I put him to work! I kid, I kid. But can't you see this same picture take place in like 13 years?!
We've never used our backyard much. Sad, but true. I decided that Grayson needed a true backyard to play in so we've been working on it a little at a time. We bought the turtle sandbox & G loves it! This was a big step for me. Similar to my chalk phobia, I loathe sand. Toes in the sand? Not a problem. Whole body in the sand? I just got chills. But if the boy likes to play with sand, we shall let him play in sand! 
I also took it upon myself to be the family pooper scooper. We have 3 dogs. Our backyard is like a giant toilet. I have been scooping every day so that G can run around out back. 
That's precisely what he has done! You would have thought this kid had won the lottery...it's a whole new playground!
We've been having lots of fun lately. I'm soaking up these last few months of having G as my only baby! So, while he was running around like a mad man what was the mama doing?
 well? the whale was sunning, obviously.


Happiness Is... said...

So much fun! Which lawnmower do you have? We have the Fisher Price one and it does NOT work. Drives me nuts.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

YOU CRACK ME UP! You are HARDLY a whale! You look great! A fenced in back yard....oh, that's my dream...if not a huge yard in the country! Looks like the back yard is just perfect for Grayson!

Unknown said...

Hmm... I know where we will be spending some of these hot days. Haha! P.S. you look beautiful!

Lynsey said...

I'm bad about not using our backyard that much but I think that needs to change for this summer so M can release some energy and still be contained within the fence.

momFITtingitallin said...

Love the back yard, BUT really the whale??? u r too silly!! Glad your son enjoyed himself!

Crystal Seed said...

Oh, you are NOT a whale! You look GREAT!!! G is so cute running around like a mad man! Chloe's been doing the same since the wheather has been nice here in Michigan. But this week it's been cold. I'm hoping it gets nice again soon!