the one where I throw a lot of randomness at you.

It has been SO warm here lately. I'm talking 80's...in March. This is awesome right now but it makes me a little nervous about June & July! 
remember these AWESOME cankles circa 36 weeks with G?! Yeah. Me too, unfortunately. That's why I'm scared of the summer heat. 

We've been playing outside for a few hours everyday. Grayson loves being outside & I love that about him. I hope he stays that way! 
Everything makes Grayson's day...everything. And this face? This is what we get to see on a regular basis when he gets excited. I love it. This is what G did as he saw the school bus last week. The kid loves waiting for his friends after school! 
Fun fact about yours truly: I don't do chalk. This whole chalkboard paint trend totally gives me the heebie jeebies. If you want to torture me, make me hold a piece of chalk. If you REALLY want to torture me, make me draw with chalk. I just got chills thinking about that. ew.

I decided to make homemade sidewalk chalk paint (thanks to Pinterest) on Saturday. All you need is water, cornstarch, food coloring, a brush, and coffee (for the mama). 
Grayson was curious about the chalk paint for a little while. It was so much better than real chalk. However, when our neighbor came out to play basketball, all interest in chalk paint was over.

I feel like my brain is about to spaz out on me. I want to clean out G's new bedroom, reorganize the nursery closet, decorate G's new room, & get our yard landscaped for spring. I wanted all of that done yesterday...ha! I just know how fast these 20 weeks have gone by and I know these last 19 will fly by. We have stuff to get done!


Happiness Is... said...

That chalk paint looks cool - Thatcher is just now getting into "art" :)

He likes crayons at the moment - partially for drawing, partially for eating!

The Mrs. said...

Love your non-chalk! Great idea!
His little red shoes are so sweet!

SnoopyMeg said...

Laura- I actually meant to comment the other day about your nursery situation. From the little bit of reading I have done you may want to think about keeping G in his room and giving the new baby the "guest" room. I have read (and partially experienced with my niece) that the first child can have a sensitive time adjusting to a new baby and too much change at one time can set them back a bit. If G knows that as his room and then the new baby moves into it you could experience a "rift" and G could become SUPER jealous. I think it is AWESOME you are keeping him in his crib for a bit longer because I can tell you from experience...moving to a toddler or big bed can be stressful for some kids/parents even without a new baby. Just a little something I picked up along this crazy motherhood thing. I would just hate for G to feel like your "taking" his room away. But as a mom I also TOTALLY understand how easy it will be for you to "recycle" G's nursery! Good Luck!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I laughed so hard at "I don't do chalk". I actually don't get the chalk paint trend. I don't mind like sidewalk chalk, but do people remember how bad it was when your class had a blackboard?! I hated using that thing because of the dust! Now they want that in their house?? Don't get it.