So What! Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I can finally say that the germs have left our house. This has already been a long week. I'm linking up with Shannon @ L.A.I.D for SWW.  Today I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I am terrible at just sitting at home all day? AWFUL. That's like torture to me. We were stuck at home for 4 days this week...G and I were a tad stir crazy.
  • I want to eat a whole box of Thin Mints? 
  • I kind of want to cry over the fact that G probably won't wear his cute longalls again this winter because of that dang cast? I love his clothes & nothing we own fits over his arm. We have borrowed lots of 2T shirts temporarily. 
  • I have major mama guilt over that dang cast?
  • warmer weather makes me miss my blonde hair? Don't worry, hair, you'll be back this spring! 
  • I think Blake Shelton was either a) on drugs or b) threatened by his wife on The Voice this week when he picked that awful RaeLyn girl?  "You 2 did great but 1 did it better." Um, yeah, one girl WAS better and you clearly did not pick her.
  • I think Christina Aguilera's boobs need their own chair on The Voice? How embarrassed are you for her son?! Cover. The. Girls. Up. 
  • I am now obsessed with the app "Draw Something?" Pictionary on my iPhone AND I get to draw things like Lil' Wayne?! sign me up! 
Happy Hump Day! 


Elizabeth said...

haha mack and i were just saying that about christina!

don't worry we are going through the parent guilt over here too! 8 days till I don't have to keep answering the how did he break his arm question!

Elizabeth said...

i still think we need a pic of both boys with their casts

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

I don't know what Blake was thinking either. Bad decision! Maybe Baby Dos will be a boy and he will get to wear those cute longalls!

Lynsey said...

Thin Mints are like crack. So seriously good!!!