If we were real life friends..

I started this blog almost 3 years ago & am amazed at how much I have grown to love the blogging community. I was just telling Ben last night that I consider my blogging friends to be my real friends...even though I have not met them in real life. He thought that was weird...whatever:) 

I love the raw honesty in many of my favorite blogger's posts. That's why I read them. I love knowing that there are a lot of other ladies/mamas that go through the same things as me every.single.day. I love the feeling of reading a post & feeling like I've gotten to know someone even better. And feeling like we could be real life friends!

If you were my real life friend there are several things you would already know about me. For instance, you would know that many people call me Loma. My nickname since 8th grade has been Lomo. However, when my last name changed to May, everyone changed it to LoMA. See? Learn something new every day. 

You would also know that I love to dance. Like, the second my Lil' Wayne Pandora station comes on, I'm tearing up the dance floor living room floor. Now, I'm a white girl (duh), but I can drop it down low.
I also quote rap songs on a pretty regular basis. oh, and I own candy grillz.

You would also know that I am completely obsessed with celebrities. My main news source used to be Perez Hilton. Then I had a baby. I don't have as much time to look at Perez Hilton anymore. You would know that I have found Brad Paisley, Miley Cyrus, Leann Rimes, George Jones, and Jason Aldean's houses. I assure you I am not a crazy stalker. Well, at least not the crazy part. 

You would know that I am the type of person who never forgets a face. e v e r. I graduated high school with like 900 people and I swear to you I know probably 90% of their names. Even if we never spoke, if I saw them in the yearbook, I knew their name. Don't be alarmed if I see you in public and talk to you...I just probably read your blog and know who you are:) 

You would know that I would rather take a funny picture than a serious picture. 
It's just more fun that way, right? 

You would know that I once sang in a rodeo. Wearing a zebra cowboy hat. Oh, and that I wanted to be a pop star like Britney. Closest I ever got was that darn rodeo.

You would know that I lurve bright colors and my house shows it. Bright yellows, lime green, aqua blue. The spanish boys that did the painting loved it, too!

You would know that I absolutely hate confrontation. It makes my stomach hurt. I hate that feeling more than just about anything. I would much rather ignore a problem than have to talk about it & risk an argument.

You would know that I am a really sensitive person...especially when it comes to kids and animals. When I did my student teaching in Mississippi I worked in schools where kids had really bad home situations. It broke my heart. I told Ben on numerous occasions that year (we were engaged) that I would adopt all 18 of those 1st graders if I could. I loved those kids so hard and cried when I had to leave. I still think about them! 
I'm the same way with animals. Hello, that's why we have Hudson & Ellie! I would rescue every abused/stray dog if I could. I can't watch Animal Cops anymore on tv because I become a sobbing mess.

You would know that I hate pedicures because my feet are THAT ticklish. If you want to torture me, give me a pedi. Last one I had was the day before my wedding...THREE years ago. 

You would know that one of the highlights of my wedding was crankin' it to Soulja Boy. 

Wouldn't it be fun if we could have a huge bloggy get together and be real life friends? What would I know about you if I really knew you?!


Shelli said...

This post made me smile! I read Perez Hilton ALL the time before Kendall and now I'm lucky if I catch five seconds of Entertainment tonight. We would be great buddies IRL and next time I drive through Nashville we will meet up so K&G can play and we can rap to Lil Wayne/Nelly/Ludacris... etc :)Oh and you can show me all the country stars homes... ahaha!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I am the same way about faces! If I see someone one time, I'll recognize them every time after that...I just won't remember their name! And I hear ya on the celeb obsession!

Mallorie said...

I LOVE this post! Even though you and I are "newish" bloggy friends I still consider you a blog friend! And I love reading all of your posts, you're so real! And also I LOVE your wedding dress, so pretty!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Love it--even though I'm brand new! Thanks~ :)

Katy said...

Hmmm..this was a good post! I may have to copy! ;) you would know that I can drop it down low too! ;) love some good rap tunes. I love a good pedicure and get them too frequently. I love anything pink and lime green but I'm a sucker for a cute smocked dress or bubble. I love us weekly and gossip mags and reality tv. Hello bachelor pad and bachlorette. I love anything sweet and I'm always up for a good dessert. I love some cute shoes too and hope that one day we can meet in real life! ;)

StephaE said...

I love these kind of posts! I did one similar to this! It is fun to read all the other posts like this though!!! They have Blogher!! It is going to be in NY this coming year!

Amber said...

Love this!! I'm going to have to head North to Nashville so you can show me those stars homes too! I'm a little obsessed with country music..... ok, a lot!!

Unknown said...

haha this totally cracked me up - I love you :-)

Marci said...

Okay, I LOVE the picture of you "attacking" the little bitty town!

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I love country music, I can't stand it when people don't know how to drive the speed limit, Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice, I am more comfortable around kiddos than I am around "grownups" -- Oh, and I love shopping for Landon (and myself), but detest shopping for other people -- I get so bored! Oh, and avocado on a sandwich makes my day!

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