loving right now..

These are a few things that I am currently loving...
NEW coffee table! We finally found one we liked and it came in 2 days ago. I love it! We now have a 'grown-up' table instead of my cheapo Ikea table from college.
Rain. Rain=me not having to water my poor burnt-to-a-crisp flowers in the 98 degree heat. Therefore, I love that it rained today.
A bed of CLEAN baby clothes! I am putting them all away today...how is it that they already smell like a fresh newborn? Yum. Love new baby smell. Huddy insisted on being in my pictures today. Poor guy has an eye infection and feels yucky...meaning that I have had a shadow all day!
That this is what you see when you walk into our bedroom! Okay baby, hurry up!
I absolutely love this show. Polygamy is fascinating to me (I'm weird, I know) and this is SUCH a good drama! I recently got Ben hooked and we just finished Season 3 last night:)
These girls. We start school next week (wah!!) but I love having these people around to discuss school, set up our rooms together, and shop for school stuff! I am really looking forward to this year & a large part of that is my fun friends. I'm a lucky girl!!
Get your fists ready, your hair gel out, and your bumpit...it's GTL time!! Yep, the Jersey Shore crew is back on tonight. Pure happiness in the May household.
This big guy has been making me smile. He has his "lovies" like a real baby does...this orange bone and a stretchy dog named Slink. Hudson is also such a daddy's boy that he snuggles with Ben's boxers...seriously. Ridiculous. This is how he was laying when I walked out of the bathroom this morning.
Bethenny Frankel. Favorite 'housewife' by far...and I have been loving her new show this summer! She is the funniest pregnant person I have ever seen.


Shelli said...

I love Big Love too! And I'm super pumped about watching the Jersey Shore again! It looks to me like you are nesting... :)

Jennifer said...

i love your wall colors. so bright and cheery. :)

laura said...

i think polygamy is interesting too...you should read "stolen innocence" a memoir of a girl who grew up in a polygamist cult and her escape from it. it's very good!!

Paige said...

I am loving your wall colors! So pretty. I agree that polygamy is interesting.

Jen Watts said...

I love Bethenney too!! I should have figured out you are a teacher...you seem like a great planner! Looks like you're all ready for baby boy!