georgia on my mind.

I am back from Atlanta...and I can't wait to road trip with these girls again!! We had a great time shopping, exploring, laughing, chatting, and of course...eating. :) Why is it that most trips center around meals? Not that I am complaining!! Sadly, I don't have many pictures to share. Not too terribly fond of seeing myself in them lately!
Kristy, me, Mary, and Katie before we went to Provino's! Picture old italian decor, amazing italian salads, yummy pastas, AND homemade garlic rolls swimming in garlic butter. Is your mouth watering yet?! Mine is! I could eat there just as often as I eat mexican food...and that says alot!
Shout out Jimmy Choo pose!
This weekend started off at the Dawsonville outlets. We pretty much shopped til we dropped! On Saturday we spent THREE hours in Ikea...Katie was like a kid in a candy store. Sorry, Josh! You have many Ikea visits in your future!! We walked around Atlantic Station and shopped some more after our Ikea adventure. We ate lunch at Doc Green's, met a fabulous pagaent director--I still have hopes for finding a gay best friend!, and went to H&M. Hello, amazing people watching. Guidos, tweens, gangstas...you name it, we saw it. All in one store.
Sunday was our day of rest...ha! We started off at the Flying Biscuit. If you live in Atlanta and you have not been here, please go now! SO yummy! We also went to Lenox...also, amazing people watching. I drooled over Urban Outfitters clothes and longed for the day when I can once again shop at my favorite stores. All in all, it was a great long weekend with some of my favorite girls!! Can't wait to do it again!!

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