weekend wrap-up

This weekend was so much fun! It dawned on me when we got back from Jackson that this was our last "Ben and Laura Only" getaway...when the rest of Ben's friends get married, we will have a baby to bring!
It was so great to see people that we have not seen in a long time...really made me want to live closer to some of our friends!
I only took pictures at the wedding...I know, I'm getting slack. Look at my handsome boy in a tux!
I love weddings...everything about them. Isn't Marty's cake pretty??
We like Ole Miss. Matt may be the biggest Rebel fan I have ever met. Everyone made jokes at the rehearsal dinner that he was now going to have to put Marty first, and the Rebels second. :)
Ben and his other half, Collin. Soon-to-be Uncle Co. Love this guy. He told me to try my hardest to have Grayson on a Wednesday, that way it will not interfere with any fall sports. Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays are just totally out of the question. Duh.
The couple of the hour! The new Mr. and Mrs. Kelly! Marty looked gorgeous, of course!
This group kept me entertained all weekend long. Never a dull moment!
...on their way to the Bahamas! Wedding weekend was a complete success...congrats Matt & Marty!

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