my little furry loves

...is it bad that my heart kind of hurts when I think about the fact that my first 3 babies little pup world is about to be rocked? I just love these 3.
my first born. my first I'm-outta-high school-and-on-my-own big purchase. well worth emptying my bank account at age 19. I get major anxiety when I realize he won't be my little sidekick my entire life.
my girl. my only girl. Ellie and I are a team...a team who is about to be way outnumbered. adopted on a whim...makes Hudson SO happy & completed our little family when it comes to animals.

Huddy is my big lap dog. our former abused/homeless/skinny Mississippi stray turned into spoiled rotten daddy's boy. he walked into my life and I just couldn't let him leave. I have a feeling that he and Grayson will be best friends.
Please note Mert in the background. Mert is Jack's bff. He is a pink pig that has been with Jack his whole entire life--almost 6 years! We would be lost without ol' Mert.
They know something is about to happen, but I don't think they realize just how big of a change it will be. Hudson, Ellie, and Jack love sniffing all of the new baby gear...Jack even hopped in the infant seat by himself a couple of weeks ago! Will they love sniffing the actual baby? Should be interesting to say the least!


Katie said...

My new mission in life is to have 3 kids so I can name them after your dogs. P.S. I'm coming to your SS class on Sunday!

Jen Watts said...

I am nervous on so many levels about introducing Elvis to my baby girl...I'm afraid he'll be jealous. I cannot bear to think of life without the little guy. I am praying it is a smooth transition. Your pups are adorable!