32 weeks

*How far along?: 32 weeks and 1 days = 8 months = ohmygosh. How can I possibly be 8 months pregnant? That is crazy.
*How big is your baby?: still a head of lettuce this week...getting closer to 4lbs!
*Total weight gain?:13lbs
*Sex: BOY! Grayson Benjamin:)
*Maternity clothes: I hate all my maternity clothes. My bra is now painful to wear because this little boy thinks it's cool to sit practically in my rib cage. Oh, and wedding fashion at 8 months pregnant? Don't even get me started.
*Stretch marks: Because of the 'stretchmark-on-upper-leg scare' I am now lathering my tummy rub ALL over. I'm paranoid.
*Sleep: Eh...when I'm sleeping, I am sleeping well. My sides start hurting though in the middle of the night and I have to change positions all. night. long.
*Best moment this week: Washed ALL the clothes & blankets, ordered some really cute art for the empty nursery wall, and watched Matt & Marty get married!
*Food cravings: anything cold! I am loving Purity Sweet Lemon popsicles and FroYo:)
*Labor signs: not yet...I'm generally just uncomfortable about 65% of the time now--he is getting bigger and is hurting my ribs!
Belly button in or out: I refuse to discuss. See picture above.
*What I miss: wearing regular clothes!!
*What I'm looking forward to: our shower coming up in a couple weeks!

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