a nursery in progress

Putting together a nursery is a lot of work. Every time I think we are almost finished, I look at the changing table/dresser and see a pile of things that are unorganized...driving me nuts!! Here are a couple of new things we added recently to little guy's room:
...and he has a name! I knew I wanted his name over the crib, but I wanted it to look a little bit different than what everyone else seems to be doing lately. Ben was also clear on one thing: no ribbon in his room!!! Haha...seriously...he insisted that ribbons are too girly for a little boy. We bought the circular pieces of wood & the letters at Michael's. Oh, and those circles? They came from 3 stores in 2 different states. Little suckers were hard to come by! I just painted them with the leftover nursery paint and think they turned out cute!
I had said that my mom came up after our baby shower to hang out AND make curtains. Here they are!! I am in love with them. Seriously, I love love love them!! They are even lined with blackout fabric...we want this baby to sleep!!
Mom & Robyn found the perfect ribbon to tie in the blue from the room and the dark furniture.
They turned out great! Thanks Mom! :) I told her she should start a sewing business...don't think she was a fan of that idea!
Woohoo--I love making progress! Now, if you could see the room from the opposite angle you would probably have a panic attack from the lack of organization. Perhaps I will tackle that next week...


Jen Watts said...

Looks great!! I love those drapes...polka dots are my favorite!!
If you would like to feel better about yourself you can always look at my picture of the nursery which has NO furniture and still NO stripes on the walls ;) I get anxiety attacks just walking in there!

melissa said...

Wow, the nursery looks wonderful. Your mom is so talented - the drapes are great. The polka dots are such a fun touch and they tie in the dots behind the letters in his name so well!

Unknown said...

It looks so cute!! I love how you did the letters a little differently-- without the "girly" ribbon. Daddies are so funny about their little boys! :) The curtains are fabulous.