a diaper bag + random Loma thoughts

I finally settled on a diaper bag:
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Allow me to introduce you to my trusty ol' pal, SkipHop. I am in love. Mary tried to get me to go into the Michael Kors store in Atlanta and I firmly said "no!" Let's face it, I have a deep love for my friend Michael and that could have been a disaster to my wallet. Your welcome, hubby! I love the SkipHop bag and the price is actually pretty affordable.

I went to my OB this morning. I am starting to feel as if these appointments are a waste of my time...other than hearing that sweet 'thump thump' sound. I literally saw the doctor for 3 minutes. Oh, and I gained 4lbs. Sweet! ...Atlanta, I blame you.

I am on an organizing rampage in Grayson's room. That is all fine & dandy except for one thing...I don't know how to be organized. So all you mamas/mamas-to-be/super organized people: how in the world do you organize all these tiny baby things? We have one dresser with 3 drawers and 2 cabinets that are currently holding 4 empty baskets. I don't know how to organize all these teeny socks, burp cloths, bibs, peepee teepees (ha!), etc. Any tips?

Hudson has started kissing my stomach. It makes me happy.

I went to the Parent-Teacher Store today and realized 2 things: 1) summer is almost over--eek! and 2) buying fun things for your classroom is not fun when you are actually spending your own money. ew. However, I am really excited about my dog themed room...seriously, why am I just now doing this theme? You know I love me so pups!

Okay, I'm boring today. I apologize. Happy Thursday!


Katie said...

I bought some drawer organizers like these: http://www.thestorageshop.com.au/assets/271/B1600.gif

and then rolled up her onesies to fit them inside. THEN- I stuck index cards vertically in between the sizes and labeled them accordingly : )

Amy said...

Those storage organizer things look pretty cool (except for the granny panties in the picture!) Wish I would have thought of those, but good to know for number two!

It took me FOREVER to finally pick a diaper bag, but I think it's an important decision! The one you picked is super cute!