Molly Cate is here:)

So much to blog about this weekend! 22 weeks, Ellie's "birthday," AND the birth of Molly Cate!
Molly Cate arrived today around 3:00pm weighing 7lbs. 11oz! She is absolutely beautiful!
Aunt Loma was pretty excited!
3/4 of the posse!
Caron & her new baby girl--just 4 hours later! CJ was lookin' good!
The new family of THREE! Kyle, Caron, & Molly Cate:)
Just like Kristy had hoped, Molly Cate came into the world with a head full of brown hair! I can't wait to see a bow on that cute head!
Mary decided to "un-burrito" the baby...she was not a fan. I am going to need serious lessons in the burrito baby area!
I just love these girls. That is all. Caron--get ready for lots of summer visits from us!!

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Katie said...

So adorable! Also- Happy Birthday Elliedog! And also? Why do I not know what "LOMA" means?