I love summer. I love that I am almost 25 and I still have a summer. I never read books for fun during the school year but I love reading by the pool/beach during the summer! Here is my reading list for this summer:
I've read "What to Expect" and it is b o r i n g. I am hoping this book is a little more entertaining!
I'm pregnant. I have a belly. I like to laugh. Enough said.
Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors. I read "Something Borrowed," "Something Blue," and "Baby Proof" last summer. I loved all of them. I am excited about reading this one!
My mom told me about this book and said it was really good. Here's to hoping they actually have it at our library:)
YAY! A new Emily Giffin book. This one sounds different from her other books. We shall see.
What are you reading this summer?


Anonymous said...

I posted my to-read list the other day! I want to read The Help too, I've heard awesome things about it. It's a looooong hold at my library though, so I may end up just buying it! Have fun reading :)

Margie said...

the help is great i did a post on it...love love it!

My Mississippi Madness said...

I'm reading Heart of the matter right now!! It's really good. I recommend anything by Jen Lancaster! She's so funny!

Lynsey said...

Belly Laughs is hilarious! I have also read Love the One You're With and I am currently reading The Help. I also read Water for Elephants, My Sister's Keeper, The Last Summer and Nights of Rain and Stars. I can't wait to read Heart of the Matter even though I have heard mixed reviews about it.