i need to build an ark.

Middle Tennessee has had a TON of rainfall in that past 24+ hours. Nashville/Franklin/Spring Hill area is completely flooded. It's times like these that I wish I had a boat. I got some pictures from the Tennessean so you non-Nashvillians (is that what we are called?) can see what our weekend has looked like:
This is a picture of I-24 in Nashville....completely under water now.
My happy place: Leiper's Fork. This is the main road going into downtown Leipers where all the cute shops, houses, and restaurants are. So sad.
The Franklin Police Dept. built a brand new building and parking deck less than a mile from where we used to live in downtown Franklin. This is the first story in the brand new parking deck. Glad we don't live in our little old historic home anymore! All the streets across from it are completely under water...as are the houses.
Our neighborhood is lucky. No major damage. However, see that retention pond? I have never been able to see it from our front porch. It has risen quite a few feet and is now spilling out..
..spilling out AND knocking down this fence.
If only I was 5 years old with a pair of rain boots...I would so go splash around!!
If you need a small pond, come to my backyard. It's a good bit larger now. I've been watching the news all morning and am shocked by all of the pictures I have seen where houses are completely covered with water. It is really sad. We're lucky we have not had any damage! Williamson County cancelled school tomorrow...can't say I've ever had a flood day!

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Unknown said...

oh man that's crazy - I'm glad you're ok and had no major damage!