menu plan monday

I have to get better with this menu planning thing! We seem to plan the meals for a week and then get lazy and go out to eat instead. Waste o' money. Money is precious these days...baby stuff is EXPENSIVE!! Geesh. So here it goes...
Monday: Grilled Italian chicken over whole wheat angel hair pasta...tossed in Italian dressing
Tuesday: Our patio furniture is back in business (aka cleaned off) so we will be grilling out and eating out doors. We are grilling hot dogs & having sweet potato fries
Wednesday: Nachos...ground beef, black beans, salsa, cheese. Yum.
Thursday: Grilled chicken, garlic & herb cous cous, sauteed squash
Friday: I'm on my own...I have a few frozen Trader Joes meals I can choose from!
I just read that Grayson is now learning how to swallow and takes in some amniotic fluid (blech!) everyday. The taste apparently changes due to what I eat. I am pretty convinced that little G will come out LOVING mexican food just like his mama--it's only natural, right?

Kristy and I were both going crazy being cooped up in our houses due to the flood--which by the way, I am still amazed by the news footage of Nashville!--so we went shopping. I have 3 unfinished rooms upstairs: the newly painted guest room, the other guest bedroom, AND a blank canvas of a nursery. I can't stand having that many rooms unfinished at once. Ben painted one of our guest bedrooms while I was in Atlanta and all that room needs is some curtains! I can't sew, yet, but am determined to make some no-sew window panels. Kristy and I got some fabric at Hobby Lobby (shout out Katie J!) and I will embark on my little project later this week after my hubby puts up the curtain rod. Wish me luck!


Katie said...

ok i need the recipe for sweet potato fries, and for the cous cous. yum!

Laura said...

The recipes are PRETTY intense, my friend. Here it goes..

you go to publix & purchase Alexia sweet potato fries! Cous cous is from Publix too...can't remember the brand. Not sure if you can handle it! :)